We sell all minerals you can find in Madagascar, such as labradorite, crystals, carnelian, rose quartz, agate, amethyst, fluorite, blue calcite, amazonite, polychrome jasper, ocean jasper, kambamba jasper, black septaria, celestite, green opal, inclusion quartz, clear quartz and many more. The stones are worked in different shapes such as free forms, spheres, eggs, tumbled stones, hearts, tables top, slabs, clusters, points, skulls, massage wands, flames, bowls, ahstrays, pendants and other shapes. We also have rough stones, and fossils like urchins and ammonites.
You can see below a sneak peek of our minerals and fossils and some pictures of our booths during the various minerals and fossils shows we attend.

labradorite free forms
blue labradorite tumbled stones top quality
amber with lezard
agate gallets
ashtray shaped minerals
big celestite
big fluorite
jasper flame
black septaria egg
black septaria sphere
blue ammonite
carnelian spheres and eggs
celestite egg
crystal bowls and minerals points
crystal clusters
crystal points
madagascar minerals tumbled stones
flame shaped minerals
gabbro points
inclusion quartz
jasper flames and points
madagascar labradorite
madagascar petrified wood
various minerals
mineralphil madagascar booth
mineralphil madagascar
minerals and fossils
ocean jasper free form
ocean jasper obelisque
ocean jasper spheres
ocean jasper tumbled stones
one face polished labradorite
petrified wood ashtrays
petrified wood branches
petrified wood slabs
pineapple quartyz
polychrome jasper flames
red ammonite
rose quafrtz and jasper spheres
rose quartz spheres with stars
skull shaped stones
sliced ammonites
small black septarian
small celestite
smoqued quartz
top quality labradorite
gallets and massage wands
tumbmled stones
black septarian slab
crystal heart
petrified wood flame
petrified wood polished slab
purple labradorite
rose quartz with stars